Autumn Mist

The Vibrant Colour of Autumn Woodlands

Its been too long since I lasted posted here, there are no real excuses apart from the usual pressures of modern day to day life. As I have stated many times I am trying to improve my woodland photography and Autumn should give me the best chances of some wonderful images. After all, nature is

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Hazel Flowers

The first signs of spring.

Today’s phototrip saw me wandering around the back lanes between Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Buriton in southern England. I really had no idea what I was going to see and photograph but I still had in mind my mission to capture some worthy woodland images. So I headed off in the direction if Idsworth,

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Eyeworth Wood in the Autumn

According to the song, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, i think for photographers, Autumn is the most wonderful time. There is plenty of colour as nature prepares for winter, and when its not raining in the south of England, its a lovely time to walk in the woods and enjoy

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Bolderwood, New Forest

Today I went to the New Forest, to a place called Bolderwood. Bolderwood is a popular place so I got there just as the sun rose, though the weather was grey and overcast with spots of rain. Bolderwood is famous for two things; its arboretum and the deer sanctuary. I was not there for deer

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Mushroom in the woods

Today was difficult

Today I went again to Eartham Woods. I knew I would not have long because the weather forecast was only goodish for a few hours. It’s still fungi season and there were plenty about, but I really struggled to find something that enthused me. Eventually I came across a small group of Fungi that had

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Glowing Mushrooms

Now is the best time to get out and take macro photos of Autumn Fungi

It’s that time of year when I love to get out into the countryside and capture images of fungi. I am always amazed at how many types there are in the woodland near where I live. The great thing about fungi is that they are fairly rigid and therefore can stand up to all but

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Focus Stacking Fungi

I am always trying out different techniques and enjoy learning new things to grow my photography skillset. One such technique is focus stacking. Focus stacking is a method of taking multiple images of the same scene but with different points of focus and combining them to maximise and control the depth of field within the

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