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Camera Club Audio Visual Competition – Natures’s Seasons

Each year at my local camera club, we have an AV competition. The competition is basically the creation, presenting and scoring of a “show” in one of two categories.

The traditional category is the basic AV format, a series of images set to a soundtrack, this must be the sole work of the entrant and no video is allowed. The creative category allows video and can also include collaborative entries from more than one worker.

This year, for the first time i thought I would try to use royalty free music that would allow me to share the AV after the competition. The club has a licence to show presentations including purchased recorded music, but the licence does not allow it to be published on a public forum.

I used a lovely piece of music that I located on Pixabay called The Way Home by Good_B_Music details are here.

I have uploaded the AV to YouTube;

Nature’s Seasons – Photographs by Peter Downer, Music by Good_B_Music. Production by Peter Downer.

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