Autumn Mist

The Vibrant Colour of Autumn Woodlands

Its been too long since I lasted posted here, there are no real excuses apart from the usual pressures of modern day to day life.

As I have stated many times I am trying to improve my woodland photography and Autumn should give me the best chances of some wonderful images. After all, nature is doing its best with the beautiful colours it creates as the year draws to a close.

Autumn Mist

This image is probably my favourite this year. It was early and the sun was just rising over the treetops and heating the dewy bracken causing the moisture to evaporate. That caused the misty effects seen in the image. Shooting directly into the sun the exposure was a challenge due to the wide dynamic range. I tackled this by combining two exposures, one for the mist and the other for the rest of the woodland.

As is usual for me at this time of year, the fungi are irresistible;

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