Lichen Triptych

I’m Likin’ a Lichen Triptych

Yesterday’s trip to the New Forest was my first photography outing of 2023. However, the weather did not rise to this auspicious occasion and remained dull, Gray and flat all morning. That meant woodland landscape photography was out of the question so I wandered around looking for a suitable alternative subject. I came across a […]

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Mushroom in the woods

Today was difficult

Today I went again to Eartham Woods. I knew I would not have long because the weather forecast was only goodish for a few hours. It’s still fungi season and there were plenty about, but I really struggled to find something that enthused me. Eventually I came across a small group of Fungi that had

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Saal Photo Book Test

I am not usually one to get pulled into anything on Facebook but recently I noticed an advert that kept appearing inviting photographers to give Saal Digital’s photobooks a test. The premise was tempting, they would provide a voucher to cover the cost of one of their Professional ranges of Photo Books in return for

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Focus Stacking Fungi

I am always trying out different techniques and enjoy learning new things to grow my photography skillset. One such technique is focus stacking. Focus stacking is a method of taking multiple images of the same scene but with different points of focus and combining them to maximise and control the depth of field within the

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