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It’s Bluebell Season Again! What can you do?

Well it was two weeks ago. Every year there is always a few weeks in the spring when the woodland in the south of England bursts into a beautiful blue colour scheme. The Bluebells have arrived. Despite trying many times over the years, I have never yet got an image that I thing nails what […]

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Ne’er Cast A Clout ‘Til May Is Out

Well this is one of those years where the weather conspires against you. Working full time means I can usually only get out to take photos at the weekends or in the evenings (unless I am on holiday). So far this year most weekends have been disappointing an uninspiring. This is the basic wisdom behind

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Use Textures in PhotoShop to create something new.

I have seen a few images lately, both at my local camera club, and also online, where people have added “artistry” to an images by blending in unrelated images as layers and then editing the results in Photoshop. I have been living with this image of Idsworth Church on my photo frame for a while;

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Hazel Flowers

The first signs of spring.

Today’s phototrip saw me wandering around the back lanes between Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Buriton in southern England. I really had no idea what I was going to see and photograph but I still had in mind my mission to capture some worthy woodland images. So I headed off in the direction if Idsworth,

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Kimmeridge – How to rescue a dull day.

Yesterday I visited Kimmeridge in Dorset with a couple of friends from our Facebook photowalking group. The tides were right but unfortunately the weather was dull and overcast. Though this was supposed to break up late morning it never did. As expected this resulted in some rather flat raw files so I had to consider

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Lichen Triptych

I’m Likin’ a Lichen Triptych

Yesterday’s trip to the New Forest was my first photography outing of 2023. However, the weather did not rise to this auspicious occasion and remained dull, Gray and flat all morning. That meant woodland landscape photography was out of the question so I wandered around looking for a suitable alternative subject. I came across a

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Eyeworth Wood in the Autumn

According to the song, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, i think for photographers, Autumn is the most wonderful time. There is plenty of colour as nature prepares for winter, and when its not raining in the south of England, its a lovely time to walk in the woods and enjoy

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Bolderwood, New Forest

Today I went to the New Forest, to a place called Bolderwood. Bolderwood is a popular place so I got there just as the sun rose, though the weather was grey and overcast with spots of rain. Bolderwood is famous for two things; its arboretum and the deer sanctuary. I was not there for deer

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Mushroom in the woods

Today was difficult

Today I went again to Eartham Woods. I knew I would not have long because the weather forecast was only goodish for a few hours. It’s still fungi season and there were plenty about, but I really struggled to find something that enthused me. Eventually I came across a small group of Fungi that had

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