Hazel Flowers

The first signs of spring.

Today’s phototrip saw me wandering around the back lanes between Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Buriton in southern England.

I really had no idea what I was going to see and photograph but I still had in mind my mission to capture some worthy woodland images. So I headed off in the direction if Idsworth, and headed up the tiny lanes towards Buriton looking for a likely place to stop.

Whilst it was a beautiful morning and the countryside looked great, these lanes are very narrow with no real opportunities to stop to take images.

Eventually, I found a small car park, near a nature reserve in a small wood, that was once an area of chalkpits.

Hazel Flowers
Hazel Flowers

The first image I got was of Hazel flowers. Most people do not seem to associate trees with flowers but they generally do, and at this time of year, Hazel is in flower. There are male and female flowers, and I believe the male flowers are the long, dangling catkins, whereas the female flowers are the tiny red buds.

Unbelievably, I have never gotten any images of catkins before so I took another to add to the catalogue;

Hazel Catkins

This was a very small wood and very damp. It was a typical mess of undergrowth with very little in the way of scenic woodland shots. This was the best I could manage on today’s short walk;

Fern and Tree

Even though it is not Autumn, whilst I was kneeling on the woodland floor I managed to find a fungus that I had not previously captured; the Scarlet Elf Cup.

Scarlet Elf Cup
Scarlet Elf Cup

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