Kimmeridge – How to rescue a dull day.

Yesterday I visited Kimmeridge in Dorset with a couple of friends from our Facebook photowalking group. The tides were right but unfortunately the weather was dull and overcast. Though this was supposed to break up late morning it never did.

As expected this resulted in some rather flat raw files so I had to consider how I would process them.

Dull Raw File

One of my friends; Kevin, suggested that treating the images as monochrome would help so I gave that a go. The results were reasonable.

I have always struggled with monochrome so I thought that there must be something I could do to lift these dull raw files. Then I remembered Photolab from DXO. I have sung its praises before for the superd raw processing in terms of removing noise and lens based aberations. It also has a feature called clearview. Clearview enables the hidden potential to easily be pulled out of the raw file, and I ended up getting a few reasonable colour images too,

Altogether, a great day out, despite the less than optimal conditions.

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