Flooded Woodland

2024 is Proving to be a Bit of a Damp Squib

We are now into March and I cannot remember such a damp start to a year for a long time. It seems like it has been raining pretty much every weekend since the new year, and when it is not raining its usually mid week, so I am stuck at work. Even when it does stop for a few weeks, the ground is so saturated that the water does not have time to clear and the mud cannot start to dry out.

All this has had the effect of reducing my opportunities to take lots of photographs. I still try to get out for at least a couple of hours every weekend, it has just not been so productive lately.

The image above was taken back in January and summed up the situation, after several weeks of pretty constant rain, provided by low pressure after low pressure targeting and crossing the UK, everywhere was a mess.

A friend of mine from our camera club felt that we still had to try to go out and take some pictures and so we headed to the Arboretum in the New Forest to see what we could find.

We decided to follow the banks of the river which was quite tricky at times. At one bend in the river i noticed the fast flowing water was swirling bubbles about. I decided to see if I could capture them as an image and used a 4 second exposure.

Swirling Water

It will never win any competitions but the effect was interesting.

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