Early Morning Mist

A couple of hours makes all the difference

Today I wanted to get out and take some images as I have been “missing in action” for a few weeks.

I decided to go to a nearby nature reserve called Kingley Vale. Kingley Vale is internationally renowned for its ancient Yew woodland.

When I arrived, it was after dawn but the sun was only just peeping over the top of the trees at the edge of the vale. There was a little mist about and I captured this image.

Early Morning Mist
Early Morning Mist

I loved the lighting and the early morning feel, what is not captured here is the lovely sounds of the birds singing and the nearby rookery.

As it was spring I was hoping for some early flowers, however, even though the nearby woodland was showing hints of blue, it is still too early for the bluebells.

I did find some early blossom though.

Spring Blossom
Spring Blossom

As I mentioned above, the area is renowned for it ancient Yew trees, and although I have never managed to capture then to my satisfaction i decided to have another go today.

Underneath these amazing trees its amazing how they sprawl about and even spawn new offspring.

By now the weather was changing and the clouds were moving in so I headed back toward the car park. On the way back I passed the same spot I had captured my first shot from. The feeling was completely different; what a difference a few hours makes; it is sometimes worth getting up early.

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