Eyeworth Wood in the Autumn

According to the song, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. However, i think for photographers, Autumn is the most wonderful time.

There is plenty of colour as nature prepares for winter, and when its not raining in the south of England, its a lovely time to walk in the woods and enjoy the show.

I haven’t walked in Eyeworth woods for a few years so I thought I would try a circular route, starting at Eyeworth Pond, walking up into the woods and back down again.

The colour changes to the trees is later this year, probably due to the long hot summer, followed by a spell of rainy weather. Unfortunately, its common in the south of England, for the colours to change just as we start getting low pressure weather systems come in off the Atlantic, and they always seem to bring strong winds. These high winds strip the colourful leaves from the trees.

Luckily, because the season is later than usual, there is still plenty of green remaining and these late leaves are just starting to change, and have survived the winds.

Of course, the walk would not be complete without the traditional fungi image at this time of year, so here is a group of puffballs.

Puffball Fungi

As well as my common stacking approach, I tried another fungi shot with a different viewpoint.

Unusually I used all the lenses I was carrying today. A rare event that justifies carrying them all with me.

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