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I am not usually one to get pulled into anything on Facebook but recently I noticed an advert that kept appearing inviting photographers to give Saal Digital’s photobooks a test. The premise was tempting, they would provide a voucher to cover the cost of one of their Professional ranges of Photo Books in return for a review.

As you can see from the fact I am writing this, I took them up on their offer.

I downloaded their order management software and after a speedy download I was under way.

The front page of the software is clear and easy to understand.

When you launch the software you are presented with a very simple to understand interface which also presents you with current discount offers on many of their products. I was working on a Photo Book so I chose that category and was invited to save my project should I wish to come back to it at a later date. Handy if computer issues or other distractions prevent you completing the order in one go.

I called my project “Review Test Book” hardly inspiring but it did the job.

Once I opened the file I was able to begin the build, starting with the Front Cover.

Front Cover of the Project – a nice clean layout makes it easy to figure out all the options.

Once the project is open you can add options like extra pages, also you can amend any decisions you make right up to the point you place the order. The current price (including any offered discounts) is also displayed in a bar to the bottom left of the workspace.

For My Book I chose an acrylic cover and added a presentation case. As you can see in the screenshot above you can import a folder of images or navigate your folders to locate assets to add to the book.

When you are happy with the current page you can easily move to the next page and begin adding images and text, using some helpful layouts displayed to the right. As you add more images to a page, the software automatically suggests layouts to maximise the impact, but you also have full control over the final layout (within the limitations of the software) and can zoom in and move images around within their frames.

The process is clean, quick and simple. Once your design is complete you can place your order from within the software, again, this was very efficient and easy to follow.

Then all you have to do is wait, however whilst you are waiting, you are informed of the order’s progress with update emails, and if that is not enough you can check for an up to the minute update online on their website.

After a very short wait there will be a knock at the door and you will be presented with a very well packed package. The book inside is well protected for its journey to you.

The book I order came in a lovely linen and leather case which as well as keeping the book in top condition also adds massively to the prestige of the product. This is very much a quality, nice to own item.

Inside the case rests the book itself, and thoughtfully, there is a satin effect ribbon you can pull to lift out the book.

The very stylish book resting on its protective presentation case.

The book does not disappoint; it feels like a quality product and the acrylic front cover really sets off the cover image as well as being protective.

The pages are heavy and should resist wear well and the images are beautifully rendered. It is a keepsake anyone would love to receive.

As well as being very happy with the resulting book, the company was pleasant to deal with, any questions I had were very quickly answered and I got the feeling that they were invested in providing excellent service. As well as Photo Books the software shows off the many other products Saal can supply.

If you want to preserve some of your images in a stylish way, you might wish to take a look at this company’s offerings, I am very glad I took them up on their offer.

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