I have been looking around for a way to show my portfolio online in a way that is professional but does not require massive investments of time as in developing and hosting my own website.

I have used Flickr for quite a while now, but there are limitations of what you can do there.   Having said that it is one of the most popular picture sharing sites on the internet.  I still use it and my photo stream (collections) are here.

I also took a time to try out what Smugmug has to offer and I liked the offering they had.  it looks professional and was exceptionally easy to use.  The only thing that let Smugmug down for me was the fact that should I choose to allow people to print my images and buy them, the only labs available were in the USA.

I eventually discovered Zenfolio’s offering and liked what I saw.  The labs can be either UK or USA (plus others) and it is very configurable and easy to keep as a professional looking portfolio site.  Mine is here.

See what you think…

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