Annoying Pen Splash in Windows 7

I have been using windows 7 since it was released and find it excellent.  It is a big improvement over windows Vista.  However, I have had a really annoying niggle with it that I have only just been able to find a resolution to thanks to w_i_b on Microsoft answers…

I use Photoshop and I like to use a Wacom tablet to edit images.  In windows 7 by default if you attach a tablet you start to get “feedback” every time to tap/touch the tablet.  It is commonly called a splash and is really irritating when using a tablet.

However, thanks to these guys I have removed the problem.  Here is the advice given;

  • Open Local Group Policy Editor: Run… gpedit.msc
  • Navigate to User Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Tablet PC – Cursor
  • Enable the Turn off pen feedback setting.

I tried it and it worked!  No more annoying splash.

Here is the link to the full conversation if you are interested… Thanks guys.

A quick update – I just found out that gpedit.msc (Group Policy Editor) is only available in windows 7 professional and above and not the home versions.  Not sure how to resolve in the home versions, if I find an answer I will share it her.

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