Add to the Mood, Introduce Rays of Light!

I thought I would share what I have been up to this weekend.  Last week I shared a photo I had created of Brighton pier.  I have been looking at this image and thinking “if only there had been rays of light coming through the clouds.”

Knowing that Photoshop is a powerful tool, combined with the endless reference resource that is the internet, I thought I would try to add some as a special effect.  After searching in google for ideas on how to do this I came to a couple of tutorials; was the most easily followed.

This enabled me to go from this;

Brighton Pier
without added rays of light...

to this;

Brighton Pier
with added rays of light...

Of course as is always the way when “wandering around” the internet I got sidetracked.  I found a tutorial that showed me how to do this…

Woven eye

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