Mirror Mirror

I had an unusual experience this month.  I had arranged to be allowed to take some pictures in a private building earlier this month and was looking forward to producing some interesting images.

I duly turned up and set up my equipment and began to take images for a 360 panorama.  someway through the process I noticed I was getting some very strange exposure information on the histogram display.  I could not figure out what was happening.

I then noticed I was getting some odd reflections in the images, I had never seen these before, at first I thought it was something like flare as if I shaded the lens I could minimise the effects.

The exposures though were way out.  I switched off my camera and restarted it.  I took lenses off and replaced them.  No luck.

Then I started to get an odd shadow on the images.  I took the lens off again to check the sensor and this time I happened to look at the back of the rear lens element.  There on the back element was resting a small mirror.

It was the small sub-mirror from behind the main mirror and it had obviously become detached.

Nothing for it, it had to go back to Olympus for repair.  It was away for just over 2 weeks, although I had a Sony compact which is very good, I really missed my SLR.

Thanks to Olympus, it is back, fully functional and I am rearing to go take some new images…

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